In continuation to learning practicing meditation, you will first learn to practice alpha meditation. You can reach alpha state of mind when electrical vibrations of your brain slow down between seven and fourteen cycles per second.

By regularly practicing alpha meditation, you can draw immense benefits. It leads to physical and mental relaxation, improves mental concentration, clarity of mind and improvement of memory. In alpha state, creative visualization is more effective and affirmations are answered with the help of sub conscious mind. In addition, it also helps you increasing learning ability and decision making. It helps calming your body and mind and increasing mental alertness Alpha meditation helps stimulation of imagination, intuition and higher awareness.

Alpha meditation also helps boosting immune system of your body and getting rid of any negative habits you have.

Practicing Alpha Meditation:

For practicing alpha meditation find a place where you will not be disturbed. Create congenial atmosphere suitable for practicing meditation.

You may sit comfortably in a chair and if required, keep a pillow on your back to ensure sitting erect. Keep your hands on your thighs and fingers in Gyan mudra. In this mudra, tips of your both thumbs gently press tips of respective forefingers and other three fingers are open and straight.

Gently close your eyes. Breathe deep for several counts. Allow your mind to drift inward, leisurely. Relax your shoulder and neck and rest of the body. With closed eyes, while taking some slow deep breathes, feel your body more relaxed every time you breathe out.

To help you reach deeper and more inward level of your mind, slowly count down from twenty one to one. Do it mentally. On every descending number, you will feel yourself going deeper and inward, gradually moving nearer to the very source of your being.

Count slowly,

21……20……19…… Feel yourself going deeper,

18……17……16…….Going further deep within,

15……14……13…….Moving deeper and deeper,

12……11……10…….Feel yourself going deep inward,

09……08……07…….You are further moving towards deep within,

06……05……04…….Still going deeper levels of your mind,

03……02……01…….You are now at much deeper level of your mind.

You have now reached alpha state of mind, near to the very source of your being.

To further tune into your inner level of mind, visually pick out a passive scene from nature. Any place you have earlier visited and found most beautiful and relaxing. Visualize the same. Just become calm, still at peace and see yourself within your passive scene. Reach out and experience vibrations of life forces of nature that surround you. Be in perfect tune with your inner levels of mind.

You are now in tune with your inner levels. Continue to enjoy those soothing feelings. Keep relaxing. As you continue to relax your body, brain and mind, you will become more aware and alert at your inner conscious level.

Now you will mentally repeat to yourself certain positive phrases for your benefit.


“I am continuously thinking positive thoughts that make me successful, healthy, happy and wealthier”.

“I am using more and more of my mind and using it in such a special manner that I have full and complete domination over all my senses and faculties at every level of my mind, including the outer conscious level”.

“I am also using my positive thinking to bring me the understanding and awareness that I desire, so that my mental faculties may be used to serve humanity in a better way. And as a result, everyday in everyway, I am getting better and better.”

Continue to stay in alpha state of mind for some more time, feeling relaxed and positive. After five to ten minutes, slowly come out of alpha state. First draw your attention towards your breathe and then to your body parts. Slowly shake your hands and legs. And then slowly and gently open your eyes.

You are now in awakened state, feeling completely revitalized and refreshed.

Please remember, any time you are entering deeper levels of your mind, you are receiving both mental and physical benefits. You may also use your levels not only to help yourself but also to your near and dear ones. And you may extend help to all those human beings who are in need of help.

Make sure to always use deeper and inner levels of your mind in a constructive and creative manner for all that is good, honest and positive. Never use these levels of your mind to harm yourself or any other person. Natural forces will not allow you to harm others for your benefit.

You can continue to practice alpha meditation for your benefit and for others.

We will move further in alpha state by taking more steps. Till then, keep practicing.

Wishing you contentment and happiness

Attitude of Gratitude: We are highly thankful to Admin, LetusBePositive.Com for made available purposeful information which inspire us to re-produce the same again for all.