In my endeavor to tell you something about mediation, here is details of mindfulness meditation. Various religions, spiritual groups and philosophies all over the world give emphasis on living in present moment. Mindfulness meditation is all about paying attention to the present moment. It teaches us to forget the regrets of past and anxiety of future and live in this very moment. Mindfulness is awareness on the present moment by giving a look to thoughts and actions of present moment without any judgment. You must behave like an onlooker. Uniqueness of mindfulness meditation lies in its facilitation of awareness of the self. It does not differentiate you from what you really are. Thus, every moment you create awareness to know the truth about you.

Mindfulness meditation teaches you how to be unconditionally present with you irrespective of whatever is happening in your life. Unlike various other philosophies, it never suggests to bring changes in you. It says, be what you are, but raise the level of your awareness and of consciousness. During this process of awareness, some thoughts may arise in your mind. Witness these thoughts. Don’t confront with them. Be natural to those thoughts as an onlooker. Even trying to watching them, manipulating and judging them is prohibited. Simply witness them while being an alert observer. Since mindfulness is a non judgmental quality of mind that doesn’t reflect back on past nor anticipates on future.

In your everyday life being mindful depicts pure consciousness in your various activities. You are living in this world but at the same time you are not part of this world. You are involved in various activities of your life but you are not affected by all those activities.

You can perform different activities in mindfulness state right from awakening in morning till the time you go to bed to sleep. It may be eating, drinking, exercising, getting ready, driving, and working in office, speaking over phone, listening, talking, walking and various other activities. All these activities can be performed in mindfulness state but without interpretation and evaluation. This way you invoke awareness of perception and non judgmental quality of your mind.

Benefits of Mindfulness meditation:

There are several physical, mental and psychological benefits of regularly practicing mindfulness meditation. It is reported to help so many diseases including hyper tension, chronic pain, psoriasis, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, stress and many more. It helps boosting immunity and improving memory. These results can be achieved in shorter period of practicing meditation for approximately two months.

One of the major psychological benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation is that you can understand yourself and your surroundings and increase your acceptance level of current situation of life. With mindfulness meditation you learn to change your relationship with your thoughts and feelings. Do not be at war with them. Thoughts of disease can be changed with that of health. Adverse thoughts can be changed with favorable ones. And thus you can establish positivism in your life.

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness meditation is a technique which sometimes seems easy for a beginner and at times is also seems difficult for someone who is experienced enough with years of practicing meditation.

By continuous practice of mindfulness, one can shift from unconsciousness to consciousness, from state of illusion to truthfulness and from ignorance to that of awareness. It also helps gathering skills to handle various thoughts, emotions and impressions without being affected. Its practice helps to learn to reside in your center of consciousness. You learn to be a witness of all that is happening in and around you.

While practicing mindfulness meditation you can focus your attention on your breath or a feeling or sensation in body. You can also concentrate on a word. During process of meditation there may arise some thoughts, emotions and sounds in your mind. Simply observe them. Do not attempt to analyze. Do not judge on the quality or quantity of the same. In case, your attention is diverted towards past or future, you may bring it back to the present moment. Do not have any preconceived notion or any expectation. Do not be fearful of any negative incidence.

Technique of mindfulness meditation:

For practicing mindfulness meditation, you must spare fifteen to thirty minute time in a quiet place, where there is no disturbance. You can practice in a room, park, jungle, seashore, bank of a river, waterfall or any other natural place full of positive energy. Place of meditation must be clean and quiet.

Sit on a chair or on the floor in a comfortable position. Keep your back straight. Gently close your eyes. Hands must rest on your knees, palms facing upwards and in Gyan mudra, i.e. thumbs should gently press index fingers. Relax your body and mind with deep breaths. Concentrate on areas of your body that are tense. Be aware of your breathe. Slowly breathe in. concentrate on your breath. Realize the feeling of breathing in. Feel the sensation in your stomach as it expands with deep breathe. Now breathe out with contraction of stomach and feel the sensation of breathing out. Breathing in and out is a continuous process. And there is a small gap of micro second between both. Similarly there is a gap in breathing out and breathing in. Concentrate on this gap and realize its feeling for that particular moment. Passive observation of breathe is required. In case your attention is diverted towards another emotion. Allow it to pass and bring back your attention to breathing. Continue this process for some time. Mindfulness meditation is refocusing on your breathing observation with judgment.

With continuous efforts you will be able to cultivate mindfulness

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